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Sunday, February 10, 2008
1st day

Went 2 'sam gu po' aka my grandpa sister's hs. Quite boring at ther cz nt many ppl.. Since fri im nt goin 2 Kelantan wif my family so i started 2 sms wx 2 ask whether wan come my hs 2 sleepover on sun n go 2 watch mov d nex day.. She said she nid 2 wait 4 her mom gd mood 1st oi she ask.. Den i go ask her hubbie aka jojo, she oso said nid 2 ask mom.. N so tats it sms-ing at ther n playing wif my siblings.. Is jz a boring day...

2nd day

Thurs nite i tot im nt goin 2 Kelantan so no nid 2 wake up very early.. BT... Tat day morning my dad suddenly said he wan 2 go JOHOR/SG.. So my mom woke us up at 8am n ask us whether wan 2 go.. De result is my bro is goin so tat means i mz go ad. If i don go, i wil b staying at grandma hs for 3 days.. So de sleepover cancel ad.. Haizzz.. WX 'yat chiong fun hei yat chiong hong'... Goin ther by 2 cars.. 1 my dad drive 1 my bro drive.. For me i sure sit my bro's car cz can listen music d whole trip... Bt sitting my bro's car is quite dangerous so i nid 2 stay awake 4 d whole trip... Reach JOHOR at 3 sumting, check in a hotel named Bluewave. Opposite de hotel is an old kastam.. Haven even rest my dad drag us out of de hotel 2 go makan. V went 2 city square. Is quite big bt many 'lala' inside.. I hate 'lalas'. Xtually tat nite v shud b goin sg bt v are so damn tired so v ate dinner n shop 4 awhile at ther den go bac hotel 2 slp...

3rd day

woke up at 9 sumting den go down 2 d restaurant 2 eat.. those food r so damn 'nice'...After tat v went 2 sg.. Luckily nt many cars.. If nt v nid 2 stuck in de car 4 abt 1 hour.. V walked at d orchard road d whole day, my legs so damn tired.. My bro bought a phone frm ther.. Its quite cheap.. N81 $679SGD.. tat means is 12-13 thousands in m'sia ringgit.. KL sell 2 thousands ++ leh.. Even my phone oso sell very cheap.. V sat MRT 2 sumerset, when v come out, ther actually gt skating place.. Many 'guai lou' at ther..I like d MRT, so high tech.. Later tat day, v went bac 2 Johor 2 eat dinner.. After dinner go bac hotel.. Tat nite me n my bro cant slp cz my sis kept on laugh.. Her laughter can make u 2 folo her 2 laugh.. If u all wan 2 listen, her laughter sound is in my phone u can go listen..

4th day

Goin bac 2 KL.. Ate mee rebus 4 lunch... V went 2 high way at 1 sumting, started 2 jam at 2 sumting n v were stuck in de 4 abt 4-5 hours.. Stupiak police make us jam... So damn boring in de car.. Ate dinner at 'gu po' hs den went bac home..

So cool there gt a place for them 2 skate...

The singapore ferris heel.. So nice..

New hs at Johor n inside so damn nice...

Another new hs..

i noe u cant c bt u can c tat de left side gt many cars n de right side less..


Saturday, February 2, 2008
So many things happened these few days.. Few days ago michelle create a family chart in our class, is quite gd bt later tat day de stupiak ccy make de chart more worse.. Hate her so much( there's other things she done oso makes me hate her bt im nt telling in here) N michelle i gt 1 Q. Y u put me in a boring family???

De nex thing tat happened is de day b4 ytd. Tat day i get a new phone. De phone model is Nokia 5610 n is red in color. Im so damn happy. N i oso get rm 200 frm my dad 4 cny ang pow. So excited. Later tat day, I went 2 pav wif my family 2 eat dinner. After dinner, my bro bought abt a dozen of J.CO's donut 4 us. Den v went 2 buy my bro's shoe n go bac home. Tat's all tat happened tat day.

Ytd i stayed at home de whole. Xtually ytd my mom asked me whether wan 2 go sogo or nt bt i say no cz i wan 2 watch DVD!! YAY!! Few days ago my dad bought many DVD bt i tell u, those dvd is nt original. I ate thurs leftover's donut. Stil left 5 donuts. So i ate 5 donuts while im watching movie.. i noe i noe.. u all will say i wil get fat bt i think i wont get fat( oh oh, on mon sure gt sum1 wan 2 'bian' me) Hafa hafa.. I watched 4 DVDs. Sydney White, The Heartbreak Kid, Resident Evil: Extinction n Bring it on 'in it to win it'. WOW. Abt 8 my mom came bac. My mom bougth new handbag n OMG she bought those aunty's handbag oso. Haizz. Even those aunty's shirt she oso go try n me n my bro wil critic abt her aunty look. hafa hafa. So fun if i went out wif my bro..

New year is around de corner.. My dad told us tat v r goin 2 kuantan or terengganu on fri bt i duno wan 2 go or nt. Cz if i go i wont get many ang pow... Haizz.. Feb so bz ad.. On March more bz. Sukantara, Ujian bulanan 1 n sukan tahunan.. So damn bz man..

Tats all tat happened. WOW. Things tat happened these few days i wrote in jz 1 blog. LOL. so nt up-to-date 1. I wil try 2 update more blog.. Gotta dash nw cz my mom screaming downstairs, she wan me 2 help her do hs work. Bye.


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