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Monday, February 22, 2010
Last picture on that day.
She's actually shorter than me.
She says big sister cannot be shorter than small sister so here's the result.


12th Feb 2010
The day they coming back.
Well, I guess you know who they are.
They called me early in the morning.
Woke me up from my dream.
Hearing their voice makes me smile.

We planned to go out on 17th Feb.I went Penang on 15th-17th Feb.So I need to rush back to see them. I'm totally exhausted by waking up early in the morning, sleepiness caused by the day before 17th we chatted during midnight and just by sitting in the car for whole 3 hours makes me tired. I reached Mid Valley. There's only 3 showed up. Sherene, Racheal and Loong. Got some is from Port Dickson so they can't make it. Sherene and Racheal reach there first. But I just met up with Racheal. She told me she's been with Sherene's friends for don't know how long while waiting me and Loong. She feels awkward eating with them. So we went 1901 to eat... HOTDOGS. She told me about what happened with the gang after I'm gone. I just listen. We met up with Sherene around 2.30pm in front of cinema. Loong said she'll be late so we went in to watch first. The Wolfman. It's a bad, stupid and boring movie. It's not worth to watch it. My eyes were closing in the cinema. We went starbucks to catch up with each other. I really missed alot of fun. But then it's my fate that I missed out all those fun. I can't return back to time. We can't rewind the time.


Friday, February 19, 2010
Pictures not in arranging order.
Attendees of the gang
Me of course

Raceal Chua the one with evil laugh..
and yen lee the science freako

Sheriene the ??

Xiu Yi and Sherene

Loong my twin

Racheal Chua with my counterpain.
(My presence still there XD)

Yen Lee talking about her imagination science technology thing to Sherene..
Sherene once told me that Yen Lee asked her to wake up middle of the night just to listen about her imagination science technology thing. How freaky and funny.

Yun Sin. She have 4 wives. Pearly the 1st. I'm the 2nd. Loong the 3rd. Racheal the 4th.

Pearly Goh
Racheal Chua and Loong

Tada~ this is the place where we always lepak and EAT which is in Dorm K.



I had been back from NS for about few weeks already. Life in NS. Felt uncomfortable for the first few days but after get to know a few friends, it helps me to not think about what's going on at the outer world.

Once i stepped down from the bus on 3rd jan 2010. The very first thing I said is "Oh shit.. What is this place." Whole camp surrounded by forest. There's no way for us to run out from the camp except the front entrance and there's always guard guarding there. Get to know 4 friends on the first day but seldom talk to them on the next day except for Pearly Goh. We all changed dorm on the next day. My dorm. Dorm Q. There's three other chinese girls. Namely Loong (cool freako), Lai Kwan and Hui Mun. Pearly Goh dorm is Dorm K. I'm surprised that she came to my dorm to find me ('cause she got short term memory that's why I'm surprise xD). Get to know a whole bunch of friends later that day thanks to Pearly. I'll upload their picture later.

As we get to know each other longer. The 7-8.30pm gathering started. Guess what we did on every night. EAT. After meal just eat. There's caferia at the camp. Brought cup noodles and bring back to dorm k and eat. I know its easy to get fat but we have nothing to do at that time. Malays went to pray until 9pm. Every night I walk from dorm Q to dorm K. Imagine the distance from Q>P>O>N>M>L>K. Friends in Dorm Q says that I always disappeared to dorm K. Loong got influence and she started to join me do that on every night. Hehe.

The food there not so nice. The fish hard like hell 'til the spoon break. Nah. Just kidding. But its true their food is not nice.

The schedule on weekdays pack 'til we got no time to rest except during 6.30pm-8.30pm and on weekend. Saturday either got khidmat masyarakat or some ceramah. Every Saturday night is a happy night for those buddhist wira and wirawati. (Yeap. We call wira and wirawati in the camp) We get to sit aircond bus to 'Fo tang'. That place also got aircond and at least they serve human food. It also a day for us to take back our phone. Family day on every Sunday. The day which every kumpulan takes turns to duty. CB class on weekdays was boring. I almost fall asleep every morning in the class. But the game they had is kinda fun. We just have to keep an open mind when playing those games.

Alot of things happened before I come back. Some sad thing. Not going to mention here. It just that I suddenly became a girl's second wife (just playing) and became a twin sister of Loong. Its because of alot malays keep asking whether we're twin. I got fed up and I finally said that we're twin, 'til today we're still twins. Using sis here and there. She really took care of me like she's my real sister. But actually we don't look alike. Only chinese can differentiate us.

Back to the last day of me in the camp. That day we're having ceramah at the dewan makan. Not many people know I'm going back on that day. The whole dewan watched me walk out of the dewan makan. Said goodbye to them and they actually cried. My twin sister gave me her frisbee to bring back home and remember her.

Going off here.. Writing the next post. See ya

Missing them =(


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